Sports Massage article

Sports massage can improve mood and general health. Sports massage is designed to help correct problems and imbalances in soft tissue that have been caused by repetitive and strenuous physical activity and trauma. But it is not just for sports injuries; it can also relieve everyday aches

Pilates article

Pilates is known as a physical fitness system originally called ‘contrology’. There isn’t much it won’t improve! Pilates is effective for a number of common age and injury-related issues such as balance, strength, flexibility and coordination. In a nutshell it will improve body awareness, control of

Calling all ladies and their babies….

Calling all ladies and their babies We are launching the antenatal and postnatal pilates class. Details are as follows: Day = Tuesday 10.45-11.30am £7.50 with introductory cost at £4 for all new attendees!! Pay as you go class Please ensure you have had your 6 week check from your GP of health

Work experience morning 24th October 9.30-12.30pm

Tuesday 24th October 9.30-12.30pm £30 This workshop is for students wishing to pursue a career in Physiotherapy.  The session provides an overview of some of the areas our physiotherapists specialise in as well as broader information about physiotherapy, training and careers. Refreshments are provided Please contact the clinic

Women’s Health Physiotherapy

Physiotherapist Anna Clayton has recently completed additional training to provide a Women's health service. Common symptoms during and after pregnancy can include back pain, pelvic girdle pain (PGP), diastasis recti,  incontinence (stress and urge) and sciatica to name a few. Appropriate treatment will be offered following an



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