Give foot pain the boot!

Give foot pain the boot…

Do you know someone whose walk (or shuffle) from the bed to the breakfast table looks like the evolution of man, from stooping ape to upright human?
Then you may know someone (or, indeed, be someone) who has Plantar fasciitis – heel pain and/or pain under the arch of the foot.

Morning is the time when things are at their worst. The hobble of pain and stiffness located on the underneath of the foot subsides and gradually improves with the first 10 minutes of movement. It can sometimes start again after a period of time sitting down, maybe in the car or cinema.

Plantar fasciitis involves a thickening of the connective tissue that runs along the length of the arch and sole of the foot from the heel to the base of the toes.

The cause of pain can be a sudden trauma or a build up over time leading to micro tears to the fascia, then thickening from repeated aggravation. It commonly affects people from 40-60 years of age. An estimated 1 in 10 people will develop these symptoms.
It really is a pain in the heel!

At Bury Physio, we offer a range of treatments that help settle these symptoms as well as helping to reduce the chance of recurrence. Taping, strength exercises, ultrasound, (extra corporeal) shockwave therapy and orthotics can be utilised in a combination that best suits your situation.
They will soon have you gambolling to the breakfast table like a spring lamb! Well, maybe not quite that bouncy – but treatment can put back the spring in your step.

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