Class Information:

Classes are located upstairs on the gym floor space.  Capacity 10 maximum for classes (not including gym sessions).  Selected classes will continue to run on zoom at the same time as clinic based classes.  Please contact reception for more information.


Pilates (Clinic)
Mixed ability
Pay as you go

Chair Based Exercise Class (Zoom & Clinic)
Low impact
Pay as you go

Parkinson’s Fitness and Function
Parkinson’s exercise group


Pilates (Zoom & Clinic)
Mixed ability
Pay as you go

Stability Ball
Mixed ability

Neuro Pilates
Pilates for clients living with a neurological condition such as MS, Parkinson’s, stroke and brain injuries.


Wellness Workout Class
Moderate Intensity circuit style class

All ages/abilities welcome
Pay as you go


Parkinson’s Fitness and Function
Parkinson’s exercise group


Pilates (Clinic)
Mixed ability
Pay as you go

Pilates (Zoom & Clinic)
Mixed ability
Block Booking


Pilates (Zoom/Clinic)
Mixed Ability
Pay as you go

Pilates (Zoom/Clinic)

Mixed Ability
Pay as you go

Bone Health Exercise Class
Pay as you go

Mindful Movement Class
Gentle/Mixed Ability

Specialist Oncology Rehab Class


Express Class
Circuit training style class
Pay as you go

General Pilates

Physiotherapist led classes guide you through sequences of Pilates based exercises that seek to challenge your balance and improve mobility and strength.  You work at your own level with guidance and encouragement.  No two classes are the same and our aim is to leave you feeling taller, more toned and aware of your own movement and ability.

Pilates allows for progression and improvement with time.

Classes are suitable for mixed ability unless stated and 1:1 sessions are recommended if you are new to this form of exercise.

Cost £9

Stability Ball Class

A Physiotherapist led gentle exercise class that incorporates a mixture of equipment, aerobic (heart and lung), strength and balance training elements.  This class provides a safe and supervised way to start to improve your fitness which can help you get back to fitness, or perhaps start something new.  All ages and fitness abilities welcome.  This class is also suitable for anyone with long term conditions such as Parkinson’s, stroke, heart or respiratory issues or cancer.

Try a taster class if you aren’t sure or come and watch to see if this may be for you.

Cost: £12

Wellness Workout

1 Hour circuit style class to help improve your:

  • Strength
  • Balance
  • Mobility
  • Co-ordination

Designed to work the body in all directions of movement.

Join this Personal trainer led supportive class and reap the benefits of improving your physical and mental wellbeing.

EXERCISE LEVEL:  moderate intensity

Try a taster class if you aren’t sure or come and watch to see if this may be for you.

Cost: £9

Chair Based Exercise Class

Low impact and suitable for a wide range of health conditions, led by Personal Trainer and fitness coach, Ben Durham.

Monday 3pm (Face to Face and via Zoom)

Ideal for:

  • Arthritis management
  • Difficulties exercising due to being overweight
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer recovery
  • Chronic pain
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Seniors
  • Post Surgical and much more….

Cost £9

For further information please call 01284 748200 or email

Specialised Hip and Knee Class

Have you recently had a new hip or knee on the NHS or Privately?

Are you looking for more support or Physio guidance to help you back to every day life?

Come and join our Specialised Knee and Hip Class

This class is suitable for

-Post operative Hip replacements

-Post operative knee replacements

-Pre operative hip and knee surgeries for conditioning and pain management prior to your surgery

-Ligamentous and meniscal injuries and surgeries, hip labral tears and repairs and much more…..

These classes are run by Erica Dyson, Chartered Physiotherapist who will be offering guided and prescriptive exercise during the classes, plus full support with your rehabilitation.

Classes run on Fridays at 2:30pm – 3:10pm and last approx 40 minutes

Cost £9

For further information please call 01284 748200 to book your space

Mindful Movement Class

A gentle but high quality rehabilitation class led by Bury Physio’s Specialist Oncology Physiotherapists.

Sessions cover:

  • Pre class screening and detailed medical history so our Specialist Physiotherapists can fully support you
  • Safe exercises post cancer treatments or surgery to manage pain and side effects from any treatments
  • Sessions are suitable for any type and stage of cancer for both Men and Women
  • Exercises to address range of movement, lymphoedema, peripheral neuropathy, bone health and balance
  • Breathing and mindfulness exercise techniques
  • Cancer related fatigue management
  • Strength and flexibility exercises suited to the individual ?
  • Education and Goal setting
  • Coping strategies
  • Nutritional Therapy (Emma Robinson MSc)

Sessions can be attended in person at our clinic or via zoom.

6 class sessions can be funded for free thanks to the My Wish Charity at West Suffolk Hospital.

Contact your nurse specialist, Oncology Physiotherapist Angela Jiggins, or speak to Julie Parker/Navigators at the Macmillan Centre for further information and to be referred to Bury Physio.

To continue after your 6 week course, classes cost £10

Class Day/Time

Fridays at 3:30- 4:10pm


Bury Physio Clinic and Gym, Maynewater Lane, Bury St Edmunds, IP33 2AB

For further information please visit;

01284 748200

Ante-natal and Postnatal Pilates

Mat based exercises using precise movements and breathing techniques to maintain, build and regain a strong and flexible body.


Antenatal Pilates focuses on pelvic floor strength/relaxation and reducing pelvic girdle and lower back pain.  Maintaining muscle length, flexibility and control during pregnancy can help you prepare for birth as well as help with recovery.

Pay as you go, 40 minutes duration, Cost: £9


Postnatal Pilates can commence from 6 weeks post birth.  You are guided through the gentle reactivation of the muscles supporting the trunk.  Exercises and sequences help improve muscle tone and stability and prevent issues like muscle tightness from feeding postures and muscle weakness from bladder incontinence.   Babies are welcome to this class.

Pay as you go (6 weeks recommended) 40 minutes duration.

Cost: £9

Classes TBC

What are the classes like?

The classes run for 30 minutes with a warm up, floor exercises/sequences (additional equipment used where indicated) and finishing with a 5 minute cool down/relaxation.

The classes are taught by a qualified physiotherapist in small groups of up to 10 people maximum.

1:1 classes are available.

We supply all equipment for our classes.


Antenatal classes offer a variety of modifications to exercises as you progress through your pregnancy.  Both antenatal and postnatal classes utilise additional equipment to help you challenge your arms, legs and trunk whilst maintaining good posture and alignment, when appropriate.


There are lots of changes to the body during pregnancy which can alter your posture, breathing and demand on your trunk muscles, particularly the abdominal muscles.  Classes are structured to ensure you can care for yourself and your baby within a fun environment.

Bone Health Exercise Class

This class is specially designed for patients with Osteoporosis, Osteopenia but is also suitable for any patient with medical conditions or treatments that have had a direct impact on bone mass density (such as following cancer treatments such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy, post menopause) etc.

Benefits of these specialised classes include:

  • Bone loading and muscle strength
  • Exercises for postural control, spinal stability and to address areas prone to fracture such as the spine, hips and wrists
  • Confidence building and mental health benefits
  • Pelvic floor exercises for further spinal stability and back care
  • Balance training and falls prevention
  • Improvements in physical ability to carry out daily and functional tasks
  • Educational content with top tips on living with and managing Osteoporosis and low bone mass density.

Classes run on Friday’s at 1:30pm – 2:10 pm (40 minutes) and cost £9

Express Workout (Alternate Saturday morning)

Join Ben for a short circuit style class that gets your heart rate up, challenges your muscles with strength and resistance exercises, and works on mobility and balance.

It is suitable for all levels of fitness as the stages can be adapted to increase or decrease the intensity as required.

40 minutes duration works you at a higher intensity that slower paced endurance classes and will get you ready for the weekend.

For further information please email us at 

Cost: £9

Classes Alternate Saturday morning

Neuro Pilates

  • -Pilates for clients living with a neurological condition such as MS, Parkinson’s, stroke and brain injuries
  • -You will be invited to a 1:1 session with a neurological physiotherapist prior to joining the class to ensure the classes are tailored to your abilities
  • -The class is 45-minutes long and consists of a warm-up and main body of exercise which may include the use of equipment
  • -Each class will incorporate standing and floor based exercises, a chair can be used to support your balance or to help you get on and off the floor between exercises if required
  • -Each class will be taught by a neurological physiotherapist and exercises can be progressed and regressed according to your abilities
  • -The classes will focus on improving your strength, balance, flexibility and overall wellbeing

Parkinson’s Fitness and Function

This is an opportunity for people newly diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease (PD) to join a group with the specific aim of keeping active.


Parkinson’s makes your movements slower and smaller. Day to day activities generally become harder. At diagnosis, there is evidence to suggest that most people walk 30% less each day than others of the same age.


There’s good evidence that Exercise Is Medicine for PD. Exercise can definitely keep you fit and functional for longer. Aerobic or strenuous exercise at 80% of your maximum is thought to be neuro-protective – this means that it may slow down the damage to dopamine producing cells in your brain.


Having PD can make you feel down, maybe apathetic and like you don’t want to exercise. A good reason to join this group is to meet others in the same boat who will help to keep you motivated when the going gets tough.


If you have not done much exercise recently … or if you have never been one to exercise, don’t worry. We will take it slowly and only get you to do what you can. Our motto is start out gently and build up slowly.

This is how the Parkinson’s functional fitness class works:

Please book an initial assessment with Ben Durham (Specialist Parkinson’s class instructor) or Physiotherapist Hayley Jarvill. The reason for the first meeting is to get to know you, to identify a few things you find hard that you’d like to be able to do better and to take some measurements of your general fitness, balance and movements to help to monitor your progress. This session will take about an hour and a half. You will need to wear loose, comfortable clothes, trainers and bring reading glasses.


About the exercise groups:

Both classes start with a warm-up and you then learn exercises specifically designed to help people with PD.
Online zoom classes are also an option for people who prefer to exercise from the comfort of their home.
Ben Durham (Specialist Personal trainer) runs the group class sessions.


We offer re-measurement sessions every 3-6 months so that you can check how you are getting on compared to how you were when you started in the group. Book your re-measurement session with Ben.

Monday 5.00-6.00pm & Thursday’s 11:30-12:30 at Bury Physio


The cost:
The cost is £10 a session, pay as you go, or £40 a month for 4 classes and membership of the Bury Physio gym.

The advantage of joining the gym, is that you use the gym to do your exercises between sessions. If this cost is prohibitive for you please contact Kecia Harris of Parkinson’s UK who may be able to help.



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