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Pilates is known as a physical fitness system originally called ‘contrology’. There isn’t much it won’t improve!

Pilates is effective for a number of common age and injury-related issues such as balance, strength, flexibility and coordination. In a nutshell it will improve body awareness, control of limbs, balance and ability to support the limbs from the main trunk of the body in a variety
of positions.

There are elements of stretching and strengthening, with breathing, postural alignment, relaxation and improved stamina.

At Bury Physio, classes typically include a warm up followed by various matwork/equipment based exercises, finishing with a gentle stretch and relaxation. Exercises can be completed in different postures; standing, sitting (chair or floor), kneeling, lying (front/side/back) and using equipment such as the gym ball, hoops, theraband, spikey balls and half foam rollers.
Pilates can be performed by anyone. You don’t have to have Olympic level flexibility or strength to qualify to attend a class, equally if you have other medical ailments, these are accommodated in the exercises or equipment used.

At Bury Physio we run a mixture of general classes, antenatal/post natal, Pink Pilates (cancer patients) and specialist back pain classes. Classes are run as either pay as you go sessions or are booked as 5 week courses. Newcomers are always welcome and we can offer a one-to-one session to go through the basics before a class.

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Anna Clayton
Team Leader/Senior Physiotherapist



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