BuryPhysio Gym

Here at Bury Physio, we are proud to offer a gym experience with a difference.

Gym Fees:

£20 monthly membership (no joining fee) with more membership options coming soon!

£5 Pay as you go (until you reach £20 in the month attended)

Personal training sessions are available for assessment and 1:1/1:2 and small group sessions.

Please see Ben’s profile for more information on how he can help support all of your fitness and well-being needs.

Our Physiotherapists can also create an exercise plan to complement your treatment. Please speak with your physiotherapist for a tailored rehabilitation plan to support your recovery.

Whether you are new to physical activity or have trained for many years, we sit down and help you to identify your goals and what success looks like for you, creating tailored plans to fit around your lifestyle.

The Gym has a rehabilitation and exercise area with space, which enables all members to exercise on their own following the tailored plan from their Physiotherapist or from our Personal Trainer Ben Durham.

No matter what the goal is, we pride ourselves on helping everyone who attends the gym, to achieve a better quality of life for being active with us.

We specialise in injury prevention, rehabilitation, mobility and posture guidance as well as supporting members with weight management, strength programming and improving quality of life through movement.

All programmes are written after the initial consultation to ensure it is personalised to you.

We have a large space for Pilates exercise and stretching, plenty of mats available for floor-based conditioning routines to be completed.

We have our cardiovascular area including Concept 2 rowing machines, upright bikes, a treadmill, cross trainer and step machine to support your heart and lung health.

To enjoy the benefits of strength training, we have a variety of fixed resistance machines, Functional equipment such as Pulleys and bands, Barbells, Dumbbells, Kettle bells to help achieve the most effective workout for you.

Open to all members of the public to join, we also offer, any current patients receiving treatment from our physios, access to the gym as part of their rehabilitation for up to a month and will then have the option to join, choosing the best membership for them.

After the first lockdown, I wanted to be active again but feel safe and confident I as doing the right things for my body, I joined BuryPhysio Gym and it’s completely changed my life!

It has given me a purpose, I love it and when I get home after a gym session I feel energised and happy with a sense of achievement too.

It’s done wonders for my mental health; it’s helped my attitude to life and really benefitted my family who have seen a change in me as a person which has supported us being closer...

At 83, I’d like to see more people my age have a go, I really look forward to going to the gym, I get to exercise with a friend, have a chat and enjoy the social element of the gym.

The gym has given me a new found confidence and I say to all that age is no barrier and the gym is my lifeline.

Ann Roberston, BuryPhysio Gym member.

Going to the gym after lockdown has really helped me feel energised, happier and fitter.

I always did Yoga and wanted something to help with my strength and stamina. I’m able to complete exercises that challenge me for which I feel such a sense of achievement for after.
I look forward to going and training with a friend, together we’ve found a place where we feel confident to do exercise and enjoy the atmosphere that’s welcoming and very social, we’ve made a few friends we chat to and look forward to seeing each week...

It’s become an important part of my lifestyle and something I’d miss if I didn’t do it. I can do more things and find daily tasks far easier than previously when they felt quite the chore and the added bonus of losing weight. Exercise is for everyone and if we can do it, you can to.

Susan H, BuryPhysio Gym member.



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