Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy for Dizziness

Click here to see the Dizziness Postcard for further information, also available in the clinic

Inner ear disturbances can show themselves in many ways. Most people describe sensations such as dizziness, feeling off balance, having a “fuzzy” head, possibly feeling nauseous or panicky. All these symptoms and many more can come from unequal signals from the inner ear to the eyes and the brain.

It may have started after a severe initial attack of vertigo or labyrinthitis. Some suffer ongoing symptoms for many months, or for others, no obvious cause was ever evident.
It is most important to make sure that the symptoms that you are getting are coming from the inner ear and no-where else. If your GP is satisfied that this is the case then vestibular rehabilitation is safe and effective.

The physiotherapist will write to your GP or Consultant with her findings and treatment plan.

Positional Vertigo

This is a separate condition where granules of chalky deposits are present in the inner ear.If you have been diagnosed with this, the treatment is different and involves the physiotherapist performing the “Epley Manoeuvre”. This will be explained fully if you need the treatment.

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