Occupational Health Rehabilitation


A detailed clinical and fitness assessment identifies areas of weakness, stiffness and alterations in posture body mechanics and movement patterns that are contributing to your ongoing problem.

We use measurements that show where you are compared to norm’s for your age and gender. These measurements allow us to show you how you are progressing in your rehabilitation programme.


We run individual and programmes. A unique progressive rehabilitation programme is designed and taught on a one to one basis; exercise diaries and instructions help you to remember and follow the programme. Regular re-assessment of your improvement allow us to progress your programme so you can meet your goals.

All treatment programs are tailored to meet the your individual needs and focus on improving strength, flexibility ability to self manage your condition for the future.

Return to work rehabilitation

Our Occupational Physiotherapists offer specialist return to work rehabilitation programmes for people who are having difficulties remaining at work or returning to work following an injury or ill health. Our work-focused assessment and rehabilitation programmes help people build their confidence and fitness to return to work and to stay at work without further injury. We can also offer workplace pop-up clinics.

Functional assessment

This 3 to 4 hour detailed assessment comprises a semi structured interview to understand the presenting problem and its impact on work and daily activities and a physical and functional assessment to determine current functional capability. This is compared to the requirements of your job or lifestyle to design a programme to get you back where you need to be.

Functional Rehabilitation

This is an intensive progressive exercise and work conditioning programme that includes: aerobic exercise, medical exercise therapy , body conditioning, work hardening and education sessions. Training in optimal postures and body mechanics are essential parts of the programme. You are re-assessed throughout to monitor your progress and to progress your rehabilitation and work programme.

To support this service we can offer work site visits and management reporting which include recommendations for safe working and graded return to work plans.

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