Pain, memory and migraine

Roger O’Toole at Melbourne Headache Centre has posted some excellent blogs on last week's presentations from the World Migraine Summit 2020  Bury Physio's Carol Ellis recommends his one is about ‘Pain, memory and migraine’ by Jack Schim. Worth a read! 

Stay Active at Home

A simple set of exercises designed especially for older people to help everyone stay active at home.  Produced by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.    

Elbow/forearm pain from gardening??

  Spring has sprung and many of us are looking to spend time in the garden, tidying up shrubs, pruning, digging and sowing seeds. A healthy activity for mind, soul and body…until a period of pruning leads to elbow pain The forearm muscles may be

Pilates in 2020 at Bury Physio

It's not too late to start something new..Consider Pilates to aid flexibility, strength and mobility and balance. Our Physiotherapist lead classes ensure suitability for all. Contact the clinic to find out more about the class timetables.

Pilates Reformers NEW to the clinic

What are they? A Pilates reformer is a specialist piece of equipment that enables you to incorporate Pilates exercises to achieve a more intense workout or functional form of rehabilitation. The equipment sees the user sitting/lying/standing/kneeling on the sliding platform working against a variable resistance of

Managing Osteoporosis…

Osteoporosis is a gradual weakening of bone. Fragility fractures are sudden discrete events you may not even notice ( Diagnosed via DEXA scan to establish bone density (speak to your GP if concerned) 500,000 fragility fractures occur in the UK each year Hip, wrist and spinal bones are

Sports massage at Bury Physio

For those aches and pains related to sports or just inactivity (or perhaps just some 'me time' reflexology), Jackie Geatches has the skills to pummel or relax the body



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