Smooth running!

A record number of runners signed up for the London Marathon last month, in the hottest temperatures ever experienced in the history of the race. That marathon is over, but the season is still in full swing, and physio clinics are as busy as ever with...


Bound to your desk!

Bound to your desk The body and its musculoskeletal system are designed to move and be dynamic. There lies the problem with office workers. On average, an office worker spends 80,000 hours seated at a desk during their career and sits for 10 to 12 hours each...


Spring into activity!

Spring seems to have arrived at last - time to dust off the gardening tools or maybe do some serious maintenance on your bicycle to get it ready to roll! Whatever your activity of choice, with more daylight and warmer temperatures, most of us are starting...


Slips, trips and falls

The recent snowfall was pretty, but if you ended up on your bottom or back without meaning to, the result can be more painful and long lasting than the snow! Normally, we can expect to see people who may have been unlucky enough to fracture a...


pelvic floor video

The pelvic floor muscles are widely talked about, but not that well known about.  This youtube video gives a good explanation about the anatomy of the pelvic floor for anyone who would like to understand how everything links together. If you would like additional advice or...


Help is at Hand for Positional Dizziness

Panicky feelings of nausea and dizziness “like being on a rollercoaster” can result from a common condition of the inner ear. Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) causes sufferers to experience intense bursts of dizziness when they move their head in certain directions. This very unpleasant condition is...


Shin Splints

Shin splints Pain that can occur on the inside part of the lower shin bone and is commonly associated with, but not exclusively, to running.  Its official name is medial tibial stress syndrome or medial tibial traction periostitis and here is some information about it. Often pain...


Shoulder rehabilitation

Shoulder rehabilitation There are mainly ailments that can occur around the shoulder area that affects the normal movement of the muscles.  Following an assessment to establish the cause of pain/reduced movement, your physiotherapist will often provide exercises alongside treatment to improve the area of dysfunction. The following...




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