Slips, trips and falls

The recent snowfall was pretty, but if you ended up on your bottom or back without meaning to, the result can be more painful and long lasting than the snow!

Normally, we can expect to see people who may have been unlucky enough to fracture a bone, visiting the clinic about six weeks after snow and icy conditions. There needs to be adequate healing before a joint is moved. Movement is often limited by a plaster cast.

Falling onto a wrist, twisting an ankle or jolting and jarring to the back and pelvis are common causes of injury. Even if you don’t break your wrist or ankle, there may be a nasty strain with pain and a lack of movement.

Resting for a few days, taking adequate pain relief, and elevating the affected limb will see you on the way to recovery. Keep movement gentle, within a reasonable range that is not too painful. For ankles, movement in the early days can help recovery, as structures are not left to stagnate and stiffen.
If bones have been broken you will have a plaster cast or moon boot to immobilise the joints whilst recovery takes place. Once these are removed, the area will be weaker, sore and stiff and require gentle movement to get going. At Bury Physio Clinic, we will assess your joint and provide treatment and a plan to get you back on your feet.

People often land on the base of the pelvis and lower back (sacroiliac joint) when they fall. Discomfort can radiate to the back and hips. Exercises, bringing the knees to the chest when lying on a bed and gentle knee rolls to each side, can loosen a stiff, sore area. Seek advice if symptoms persist for longer than a week.

If you are older or have any bone density issues, gentle strengthening of bones with light resistance exercises are a good way to encourage improved density.
Our physios are able to offer advice and rehabilitation for these injuries, and help get you back on your feet.

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Anna Clayton
Team Leader/Senior Physiotherapist



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