Sports Massage

With over 15 years experience, Jackie has formed wealth of knowledge in the area of sports massage and associated injuries. Jackie built her reputation as a sports massage therapist initially working at an osteopath clinic for 9 years before moving to Bury Physio in 2009. Jackie has enhanced her awareness of preventative measures and has helped a number of marathon, triathlon and ironman competitors achieve their goals.

During this time she has played an important role in the success at Bury Rugby Club ensuring that players made speedy recoveries as the team progressed through the leagues and into the national league, where they club remains today.

“I am an endurance runner and cyclist so repetitive strains are a common problem. I have been seeing Jackie for 5 years and she has a sixth sense at identifying any problem and the professional ability to solve it.“

Robert H – Bury St Edmunds

A large part of Jackie’s work also involves helping people with injuries caused by bad posture or work related problems.  In addition, stress has significant effect on muscular problems and without the appropriate acknowledgement of this it can go unnoticed, further contributing to muscular tension.

Jackie is a highly qualified, experienced and well established Sports Massage Therapist.  She has a HND in Sports, Health and Exercise.

Sports Massage

Sports massage can be used to prevent and treat injury to muscles, ligaments, tendons and all soft tissue. Sports massage has therapeutic, psychological and physiological benefits, improving mood and general health. Regular treatment can help remove a build up of lactic acid, or general aches and pains from everyday stress.

“I have used Jackie for sports massage for many years. I had a serious rugby injury which left me with several permanent after effects. During the first few years, the treatment from Jackie was hugely helpful in my recovery process, contributing to me making a better recovery than was at first predicted. Jackie has a unique ability to feel and sense where problems exist and to deal with them, helping to restore mobility and alleviate aches and pains. As an active cyclist, tired and tight legs can become a problem; Jackie is excellent at keeping everything moving“

Each massage treatment will be unique according to the indivdual’s specific needs. Sports massage is not just for sport’s injuries; it can also relieve everyday aches and pains caused by daily living and work.

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