How Hydrated are you and why is this so important for our Health?


Water is essential for every cell within our body and accounts for up to 60% of your body.

We will have an infinite thirst for water and to ensure we remain hydrated, it’s important to consume enough each day or symptoms of dehydration can begin to show in a variety of ways

  • What is the recommended daily water intake to consume?It is advised to consume between 6-8 glasses of water a day (200ml sized glasses), this may vary between individual’s dependant on how active they are, if they are working in warmer climates and if they have been advised medically to limit their consumption to support their current health.
  • But I don’t like the taste of water….Any fluid will hydrate the body, utilising squashes and fruit juices will add flavour, although be mindful of moderation as sugar content can potentially be elevated in this types of products.Consider the use of herbal teas or adding lemon or elderflower to the water will give it that uplifting sweeter taste without an acceleration of sugar.

    Different varieties of milk can be enjoyed as hydrating too.

  • I drink a lot of Tea and Coffee throughout the day…Standard cups of Tea and Coffee, carbonated drinks and energy drinks (dependent on strengthens) will have a caffeine content to them, which can act as a mild diuretic, these have the potential to dehydrate us and certainly offer symptoms of dehydration such as headaches or a consistent feeling of a dry mouth.


  • I’m too busy to drink water during the day…Consuming water little and often through the day can be difficult during busy lives, the key is to find a solution that works for you, could you carry a bottle of water in your bag when out? Leaving water in the car to intake when returning after each trip, having a bottle of water on your desk close to you, setting alarms on your phone/ work station to get up and move and incorporate a trip to the water fountain within this. It’s finding something that works for you, that you can apply to your lifestyle and create a new habit within your day.


What’s so good about water…?

Water will promote good cardiovascular health, when the body is dehydrated this affects your blood volume. A low blood volume will put extra effort on the heart to get oxygen to your working muscles which can make daily activities feel more challenging than before and reach fatigue quicker.

Water will promote good function of your muscles and joints, when hydrated this will add to supporting the lubricating of your joints and helps provide nutrients to contracting muscles whilst removing waste efficiently to allow a better performance of movement.

Water promotes the cleansing of the body inside and out, it is vital to stay hydrated to support the function of the kidney’s (they have a role to cleanse the blood and water is required for this process to ensure we avoid ill health)

How do I know if I’m hydrated or dehydrated?

The body is very good to sending you a signal with the request of thirst if it’s reaching dehydration levels, dry mouth is very common and using the colour of urine is a strong indicator, from a pale colour suggests hydration through to a darker yellow for dehydration and a browner colour if severely dehydrated.

Any random good-to-know facts…

Drinking cold water asks the body to expend more calories to heat the water to your body temperature.

It can be advised to drink water 30 minutes before a planned meal, allowing us to feel fuller, to help limit the amount of calories consumed within that meal.

For more information about diet, nutrition and hydration book an appointment with Chartered Nutritionist Robyn Cardy. 


You can also book with Personal Trainer Ben Durham who will help you to apply this information into your routine.


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