Exercise, activity and cancer (from diagnosis, through treatment and after)

There are individuals who are still receiving a diagnosis of cancer whilst we remain restricted in our work and travel activities.

For some, treatment may be paused, whilst others will have received surgery, and some may be waiting to hear their plan of action.

Others will have completed treatment, whether that be chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery or a combination, but feel a change in fitness levels from the impact of treatment or recovery, and a new level of uncertainty about the best way to go about maintaining or increasing activity and exercise at home.

Exercise/activity has been shown to be extremely beneficial at all stages of cancer from diagnosis through to discharge from your oncologist.  It has been shown to help reduce side effects such as fatigue, help reduce risk of recurrence, and is brilliant for post-surgery rehabilitation.  Along with functional benefits, it helps with lifting mood and promoting whole body movement.

There is also a lot of support available for new and existing patients from cancer related charities and specialist nurses respectively, for a whole host of topics for which you may have questions.

We have two Specialist Physiotherapists who can assess your current situation and form a tailored plan that works towards your goals.  There are many things you can use and do at home with regard activity and we understand that some barriers remain, such as fatigue and fluctuating motivation – that is OK.

Exercise and activity that combines aerobic, flexibility and strengthening elements seeks to condition the body to help day to day functions, improvements in sleep and endurance, perhaps to walk further in your allotted daily exercise.  With routines altered, it provides structure and familiarity, particularly if you are continuing something you enjoyed pre diagnosis.


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