Cycling…beneficial exercise but sometimes causes pain…find out more…

The sun is out, it’s a little warmer and many people are out on their bikes.  There are many beneficial effects of cycling that go with the sense of freedom and opportunity to explore new ground.

Cycling is an effective low impact aerobic form of exercise that maintains cardiovascular fitness (or improves it if you work hard).  Healthy lung, heart, blood vessel and capillary function is important for prevention of long-term conditions such as coronary heart disease as well as illness such as stroke; associated with blockages to these organs.

For the lower limbs, cycling is effective for maintaining joint mobility at the hips and knees, helpful for any signs of arthritis as it is possible to continue working the joint through its range without the higher impact effects that come with running.  This is also why it is encouraged soon after joint replacements where mobility of the new joint and scar tissue is essential.

It can, however, lead to the onset of pain as mileage increases if there are biomechanical inefficiencies.  This may be the repeated rubbing of structures that cause stress points on tendons, or muscle imbalances that lead to gradual changes in sitting and standing postures once you are out of the saddle.

These are rectifiable with the correct advice and management and exercises are as important in your cycling fitness as the ride itself.

Check your bike set up.  Look at knee alignment when you are at various stages in your ride; do they fall inwards or start to drift outwards?

Our Specialist Physiotherapists will assess for these traits and suggest the best method of improving form, mobility and strength; all important for maintaining a sustained repetitive posture.

Contact the clinic for a video/telephone consultation to assess your symptoms and create a plan.

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