Proud to support Arthritis Research UK and their employees to improve their health and wellbeing at work.

Fast track physiotherapy

We provide occupational physiotherapy to local businesses. This can be delivered at Bury Physio or on your site. To find out more please contact Nicola Hunter Head of Practice.  Also visit for additional information.

Return to work rehabilitation

Our Occupational Physiotherapists offer specialist return to work rehabilitation programmes for people who are having difficulties remaining at work or returning to work following an injury or ill health. These programmes help people build their confidence and fitness to return to work and to stay at work without further injury.

Functional assessment

This 3 to 4 hour detailed assessment comprises a semi structured interview to understand the presenting problem and its impact on work and daily activities and a physical and functional assessment to determine current functional capability. The results are compared to the requirements of the job. Recommendations on what needs to be done to resolve the problems are provided in a details report following the assessment.

Functional Rehabilitation

This is an intensive progressive exercise and work conditioning programme that includes: aerobic exercise, medical exercise therapy , body conditioning, work hardening and education sessions. Training in optimal postures and body mechanics are essential parts of the programme. You are re-assessed throughout to monitor your progress and to progress your rehabilitation and work programme.

Workplace assessment and ergonomics

To support this service we can offer work site visits to undertake risk assessment and to advise on workplace adjustments that may facilitate return to work.


Nicola Hunter, Head of Practice at Bury Physio, is part of a peer review team, which has been brought together to consider the applicability of the SEQOHS (Safe Effective Quality Occupational Health Service) standards for physiotherapy-led occupational health services..

SEQOHS is a set of standards and a process of voluntary accreditation that aims to help to raise the overall standard of care provided by occupational health services and make a meaningful difference to the health of people of working age. The SEQOHS Accreditation Scheme is managed by the Royal College of Physicians of London on behalf of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine.

Nicky said: “SEQOHS is conducting a pilot, in partnership with the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Occupational Health and Ergonomics (ACPOHE). The pilot scheme involved six occupational physiotherapy practices. They have worked through the standards and are providing evidence to demonstrate that they meet each standard.  This is being used to test the acceptability and relevance of each standard to occupational health physiotherapy.

“The next phase is a site visit to verify the evidence. The pilot will then report back to the Faculty of Occupational Medicine, who will consider whether the SEQOHS standards should be extended to include this type of OH service. We are hoping that physiotherapy practices providing occupational health services will be formally included when the standards are updated in 2015.”

To achieve full SEQOHS Accreditation a service must provide clear evidence that they have met all of the SEQOHS Standards, which include business integrity and financial propriety, competency and supervision of occupational health staff and safe, accessible and appropriate facilities and equipment.

For more information about SEQOHS, visit their website

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