What our clients say about us:

‘Extremely helpful, friendly and cheerful’

‘Very satisfied with advice and treatment so far’

‘Fantastic service from all’

‘Treatment is always excellent – over 20 years’

‘Keep recommending you to all my family & friends!’

‘Physio was excellent in all aspects of consultation and treatment’

‘Everything has been first class the reception, PT & physio. I totally recommend your practice’

‘All staff are friendly, courteous and attentive’

’11 x out of 10 Would recommend!’

‘Friendly, warm and welcoming!’

‘I’ve had to cancel two appointments at short notice. Staff were very polite and accommodating’

‘The advice given was wonderful – great improvement after one session’

‘The [Pilates] classes are carefully planned. They offer exercises that relate to the whole body. It is very good that exercises start gently and move up through harder levels. This way people achieve more than they expected. The pace is good and the classes are very enjoyable’

‘I find the pace of the class about right for me. What I find very beneficial is that some exercises are modified to suit us personally’




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